CSBio2014 Keynote Talk

Professor Huck-Hui NG,
Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore

Title: Systems Biology of Stem Cells
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CSBio2014 Invited Speaker

Professor Kumar Selvarajoo,
Institute for Advanced Biosciences Keio University, Japan

Title: Emergent Properties in Cell Signaling and Transcriptome-wide Response
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IES2014 Keynote Talks

Professor Xin Yao,
School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Title: Evolving, Training and Designing Neural Network Ensembles
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Professor Nikhil R. Pal,
Electronics and Communication Science Unit (ECSU), Indian Statistical Institute, India

Title: Single Frame Super Resolution: A Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach
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Professor Hussein A. Abbass,
School of Engineering and Information Technology, University of New South Wales Australia, UNSW-Canberra campus, Australia

Title: Real-time Computational Red Traming of human Cognition using Encephalographic (EEG) Data
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