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2nd International Conference on Computational Systems - Biology and Bioinformatics (CSBio) 3-5 August 2011

Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Update: Proceedings as part of DSR 2011 at IEEE Xplore

CSBio 2011 will emphasize on engineering sciences related to the pharmaceutical industry and covers both material and manufacturing sciences. Pharmaceutical engineering work involves all aspects of the design and development process, from experimenting with innovative formulations to manufacturing commercialized products. Beyond the pharmaceutical industry, this field develops cosmetics, food, and a whole host of other consumer products. This conference would like to gather like minded researchers and industrial counterparts whom are involved in designing, developing and improving industrial processes and equipment for large-scale chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing; planning and testing methods of manufacturing; developing methods for the treatment of bi-products; devising production processes that are safe, efficient, profitable and environmentally sound; researching naturally occurring chemical reactions so that these processes can be copied for our benefit; conducting environmental-impact studies; developing and implementing cleaner production technologies; researching new processes and products & designing, developing and using new materials to meet at this event.

   Modeling and Simulation of Biological Processes, Pathways, Networks
   Mathematical and Quantitative Models of Cellular and Multicellular Systems
   Synthetic Biological Systems
   Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
   Functional Genomics
   Metabolomics and other omics
   DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence Analysis
   Structural Bioinformatics
   Gene Expression Analysis
   Biomarker Discovery
   Disease Classification
   Parallel and Grid Computing
   Image and Signal Analysis
   Qualitative Biological Model
   Biological Network Reconstruction and Analysis
   Biological Databases
   Bio-data Visualization
   Medical and Biomedical Informatics
   Drug Discovery and Validation
   Discrete/Stochastic Modeling and Language Frameworks