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Program Committee

(The following is a confirmed list of program committee members)

Rafal Adamczak, Poland
Shandar Ahmad, Japan
Tatsuya Akutsu, Japan
Shunsuke Aoki, Japan
Vladimir Brusic, USA
Jonathan Chan, Thailand
Dong-Yeon Cho, USA
Sung-Bae Cho, Korea
Worrawat Engchuan, Thailand
Ge Gao, China
Chia-Lang Hsu, Taiwan
Kyu-Baek Hwang, Korea
Yaochu Jin, UK
Je-Gun Joung, Korea
Saowalak Kalapanulak, Thailand
Jaewoo Kang, Korea
Asif M. Khan, USA
Javed Khan, Australia
Tsung Fei Khang, Malaysia
Jaebum Kim, Korea
Kyung-Joong Kim, Korea
Sangsoo Kim, Korea
Sun Kim, Korea
Sun Kim, USA
Yoo Ah Kim, USA
Kengo Kinoshita, Japan
Akihiko Konagaya, Japan
Bartosz Krawczk, Poland
Chee Keong Kwoh, Singapore
Dongseop Kwon, Korea
Jeongjin Lee, Korea
Hyunju Lee, Korea
Weng Kin Lai, Malaysia
Teeraphan Laomettachit, Thailand
Tom Lenaerts, Belgium
Jinyan Li, Australia
Chee Peng Lim, Australia
Sorayya Malek, Malaysia
Asawin Meechai, Thailand
Daniele Merico, Canada
Jin-Wu Nam, Korea
Eunok Paek, Korea
Raewoong Park, Korea
Seong-Bae Park, Korea
Somnuk Phon-Amnuaisuk, Malaysia
Treenut Saithong, Thailand
Meena Sakharkar, Japan
Christian Schönbach, Japan
Bairong Shen, China
Soo-Yong Shin, Korea
Kyung-Ah Sohn, Korea
Min Song, Korea
Dave Ussery, Denmark
Wanwipa Vongsangnak, China
Dianhui Wang, Australia
Bunthit Watanapa, Thailand
Shanfeng Zhu, China


9/11/13 : Thanks all for your support of CSBio2013. See you in Singapore on November 10-12 for CSBio2014. We will be collocating with IES2014 again next year.
4/11/13 : Banquet venue and schedule is available at the collocated conference website here.
2/11/13 : Open access CSBio2013 conference proceedings in Elsevier's Procedia Computer Science is available here.
18/10/13 : Tentative program is available here.
17/09/13 : Official template for final camera-ready paper submission is available at ftp://ftp.elsevier.com/elsevier-out/Procs_CSBio2013.zip. Note that this a a ftp site and IE seems to have problem accessing it. You can either use a ftp client or use Mozilla Firefox or just download from CSBio2013 website here instead.
07/09/13 : Final camera-ready paper submission and early-bird registration extended to September 10, 2013
05/08/13 : Registration system is open now
13/07/13 : In order to accommodate some last-minute requests, a final extension for paper submission is given until July 26, 2013
01/07/13 : Due to numerous requests, submission deadline has been extended until July 12, 2013
25/04/13 : Website online





Softcomputing Laboratory,
Computer Science Department of Yonsei University
134 Shinchon-dong, Sudaemoon-ku,
Seoul 120-749, Korea

TEL : +82-2-2123-2720
FAX : +82-2-365-2579

Email : csbio2013@sit.kmutt.ac.th

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