4th International Conference on Computational Systems-Biology and Bioinformatics (CSBio)
7-9 November 2013

In the era of big data challenges, as the availability of biological information becomes ever larger and more complex, more computational tools are needed to sort through the data. These include:
* Development of computational methodologies to perform systematic studies of complex interactions in biological systems to enable discovery of new emergent properties that may arise from the integrated systemic view.
* Development of new algorithms and statistics to assess biological information, such as relationships among members of very large data sets.
* Development and implementation of tools that enable efficient access and management of different types of information, such as various databases, integrated mapping information.
* Visualization of various types of biological data to aid in analysis and interpretation of nucleotide and amino acid sequences, protein domains, and protein structures.

CSBio 2013 would like to gather like minded researchers and industrial counterparts to meet at this event to exchange ideas and stimulate research growth.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

   Adaptive computation in bioinformatics
   Translational bioinformatics
   Medical and Biomedical Informatics
   Bio-inspired computing
   DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence Analysis
   Gene Expression Analysis
   Biomarker Discovery
   Disease Classification
   Modeling and simulation of biological processes, pathways, networks, and so on
   Parallel and Distributed Computing
   Molecular evolution and phylogeny
   Functional genomics
   Proteomics & other omics
   Protein folding
   Drug Discovery and Validation
   Biological Network Reconstruction and Analysis
   Bio-data Visualization