Collocated Conference

The 19th Asia Pacific Symposium on Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems (IES 2015) - November 22-25, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

The Asia Pacific Symposium of Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems (IES) aims at bringing together researchers from various countries of Asian Pacific Rim in the fields of intelligent systems and evolutionary computation to exchange ideas, present recent results and discuss possible collaborations. Researchers from elsewhere interested in collaboration with researchers from Asian Pacific Rim are also welcome.

The 7th international conference on Advance in Information Technology 2015 (IAIT 2015) - November 22-25, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

In today's modern life, societies have to embrace digital technologies in their homes and use them to enhance the quality of life. The emerging of aging societies around the world prompts more urgent need for having more affordable and easy to set up "smart home systems", as well as assisted technologies used inside a home with high performance and efficient solutions and platforms. Adoption of smartphones, smartTVs, and other smart devices, adds ubiquity and mobility to existing home-based self-care systems and expands the horizon of endless possibility in research and development.

The 10th International Conference on e-Business 2015 (iNCEB2015) - November 22-25, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Communication and transportation network technology has improved dramatically over the last 50 years, and is now fully integrated into the business world. Consequently, many companies in the world have jumped into international markets, outsourced operations to overseas manufacturers and suppliers, and established subsidiaries around the world known as e-Business. E-Business comprises of business operated activities using electronic media, computer technology communications, and the Internet to achieve the successful implementation of business processes. Global e-business companies around the world by consolidating them via websites with consumers now has been shrinking, buying their products on e-Commerce sites. Moreover, collaborative software now manages international supply chains in the form of e-marketplaces.